Thursday, May 28, 2009


Well yesterday I was at my friends Noel's and Carter was playing in the back yard and was pushing a train and the front of the train caught the edge. And this is what happened

Doesn't this look like it hurts. I was really surprised he really didn't even cry that long. But it kind of did make me a little nervous because on the way home he totally passed out but he was just tired. I really think he is a quick healer because it looked so much worse last night.

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a blast this last weekend. Mike and Becca came out from St. George and we went to the beach. It was pretty cold but we still had a lot of fun. This is the hole Mike dug.

This is Mike Crawling through the hole. He eventually got it big enough that he could go all the way through but we didn't get pictures.

Isn't she just so cute, she really is the best baby she is so happy all the time.

Carter wasn't to happy to be buried in the sand. as you can tell.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Little Miss Sunshine

Camping at Lake Piru

This last weekend we went camping at lake Piru. It was really fun., we had a blast. One of our friends came up and we did Dutch oven potatoes and cobbler it so yummy. Sleeping Tony

Look how cute this little bum is, I got out of the bathroom and I looked at the table and this is what I saw.

Carter and Bella

Carter was playing in the back yard riding his bike. So he wanted to hold Bella, so this was Bella first bike ride.

Slip and Slide

I got a Slip and Slide for Easter, so we pulled it out and had a blast in our back yard. Carter was so cute he loved it.