Sunday, September 30, 2007

La ZoO

We went to the LA Zoo on Saturday. It was really fun Carter loved the sea lions and all the different animals. But his favorite thing was the Water fall.

The day started out pretty cold and the after we got to the zoo it started getting really hot. The weather is so weird here. One day it will be freezing and then the next day we could go to the beach. But back to the zoo, the coolest animal we saw was the jaguire ( it was because it was walking around and we could stand right by the cage.)
The lions and tigers were really cool but they were sleeping and we could only really see the lions. I was actually surprised of how big the zoo was they had some really cool animals. They had a big pit were the giraffes were we could get pretty close. I think I enjoyed it just as much if not more than Carter.
We sign up for the safari tram, we thought it was going to show us different animals. Nope, it was just a tram that took to different stops around the park. We were a little disappointed but, at the end of the day it came in handy. Carter wouldn't sit in the stroller for most of the time so we had to carry him and push the stroller. We got tired!
It was fun to get out and do stuff as a family just me, rob and carter. It was robs birthday on thursday so it was just kind of nice doing something as our own little family to help celebrate the big 25. We did a dinner with all of the friends on thursday and saturday was just our day as a family. Carter loves hanging out with his dad its pretty funny when we were at the zoo we could have swore he said Daddy. It sounded exactly like it. It made robs day. :)

stuffed aminals

Carter Loves stuffed animals even when they are three times the size of him!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

look at him go:)

Carter started crawling a week ago today and now he is pro. I can't keep him out of stuff. He just keeps going and going.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Monkey Business

Well when Carter was only a couple months old my parents said that he looked like Curious George, and he defiantly did. So we were looking for Halloween costumes and we found the perfect one. A MONKEY of course.

lemons ugh!!

Carter loves lemons even though he doesn't look like he enjoys them.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

bath time

Carter loves bath time, now he is starting to move around and playing with toys. I found a rubber ducky, and Carter loves it. So does Brinkley! When ever Carters in the bath Brinkley tries to get in just so she can play with the ducky. Its fun they play to gether really good, and if Brinkley bugs Carter he will yell at her.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

FiRsT SoCceR GaMe

We went to our first soccer game. It was Galaxy and Rael Salt Lake, the game was so cool. The game would have been better if Beckham played (they probably would have own.) The score was 1 to 2 Rael Salt Lake. But we all enjoyed it, hopefully next time we go Beckham won't be hurt.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


We finally got a lovesac. Rob has wanted one for ever, but he's not the only one that loves it. It is know the most popular seat in the house.


Carter is on the verge of crawling so when I was in St. George my dad tried to get Carter to crawl. It almost worked.


Carters 1st baseball game (mine and Robs also). It was the Dodgers and the well the team that Berry Bons plays on. The game could have been a record breaking game but they didn't really pitch to Bons so he didn't score. But the game was really fun, Carter loved all of the lights and the music.