Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby Update

Well we have finally decided on a name it is going to be Isabella Marie and then we are going to call her Bella. We are really excited to finally decide on a name that we like. We can't wait to she what she is going to look like now. Well we will keep you all updated on what is happening that is new in our lives.

My boys :)

I say this picture and I had to post it. They looks so cute, we had just gotten home from church and Carter looked so cute in his church clothes so I took a picture. I just think they just look so cute. I love my boys, the sad thing is is that Carter is turning out to be a daddy's boy. But I guess that was bound to happen.

Monday, August 4, 2008

20 Weeks

The worst week ever!!!!!

Sorry there is alot to read but I had to clue you all in.

There is really no other way to say this, last week was a week from hell. It all started the Thursay night before we went camping. We went to the ER at 2 o'clock in the morning because I was having a Kidney stone. Didn't know it at the time! Well so that is were we found out that we were having a girl. that was the only good thing that came out of that visit.

So we went camping everything was fine except Carter got sick the first night we got there (probably from being in the ER the night before). We got home Sunday everything was good I passed one pretty big stone so we thought it was all over, then I passed another one later on that night. Monday I took Carter to the Doctor, and of course the say nothing is wrong he should be getting better in a couple of days. Tuesday morning I wake up with the chills, fever, sore throat, Stuffy nose, tons of back pain, and passed two more stones. Fun huh :). So I went to the Doctor and they told me I was probably having another stone and strep throat. So luckily Rob came home and took care of us. Wednesday I went to the Urologist, found out I have 2 stones in my right and 2 stones in my left kidney. (Hopefully they stay there until after I have the baby) Wednesday night at 2 in the morning Carter is up screaming until 8 in the morning. So we took him to the Doctor come to find out that he has 2 full blown ear infections pretty bad ones says the Doctor.

So Friday I had to go to the perinatologist and have an ultrasound for the baby we found out that she is indeed a girl and she is measuring perfect and she look absolutely healthy. ( Yeah the hell is over.)

This is Carter Sunday night we was so tired, he was climbing all over me and then he stopped for a minute and this is what happened when he stopped. Kind of sad but pretty funny.


Last weekend we camping with our friends Andrew and Kira and their two boys. We had so much fun. We did dutch oven potatoes and chicken and the best was dutch oven Cobbler. Carter liked to chicken the best. Most everyone else loved the Cobbler. Tony loved all of the food he kept saying this was the best food ever. (Rob and Carter learning how to use the Dutch Ovens.)

(Andrew and Kira)

(A.J. above Tony Below)There was a stream close to the campsite and on Saturday we went over to it and Brinkley had the time of her life. She was such a mess. But all in all we had a ton of fun and plan to do it a lot more before the babies come.