Sunday, March 22, 2009

Fishing at the Pier

We went to the Ventura Pier and went fishing with some friends it was a blast. Carter thought the pier was awesome. He even touched one of the fish that they caught. The weather was really cold but just bundled up and had a blast.

Look Rob finally got his sail boat ha ha ha ha, he wishes

This is why Bella's nick name is Bubbles every time she is a sleep and alot of the times when she is awake she has bubbles on her lips. Its really cute

The pier made me a little nervous because Carter kept leaning over and trying to put his head through the railings.

The Beach Yes i know in March

So on Wednesday we went to the beach with some friends it was seriously the prefect day. It was bright and sunny an there was no wind which makes it so much nicer. Carter loved playing in the sand. Every once in a while he would come up to me and say my eyes, my eyes it was pretty cute.

Bella did great she slept the whole time in her little sun shade. Thanks Kaye and Julianna we had a blast.

a great afternoon with the kids

So last Sunday after church we had a great day we went for a walk to the park and hung out as a family.

Isn't she getting so big I can't believe that she is growing so fast it kind of makes me sad. I swear it didn't go this fast with Carter

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big Boy

Carter loves his little sister it is so cute how he wants to always hold her.

Playing at the Park

We went to the park with our friends and its pretty cool because the park has two different areas one for little kids and for big kids. The one for big kids has really long slides, and pretty high things to climb up and Carter had no problem climbing up the ladder thing and down the other metal thing, but he didn't want to go down the slide by him self. Andrew and Jordan
Andrew and Carter going down the death slide as you can tell Andrew hurt himself

This is Carter's Best friend

AJ, Tony and Carter going down the slide

The Kiddos

Carter loves our new place mostly because of the back yard, so decided to go and take some pictures of the 2 of them they are so stinkin cute. Carter is such a ham.We got these shirts made for them right before we had Bella because we couldn't find a big brother shirt. But I think they turned out pretty cute.

My mother-in-law made this dress for Bella it is so cute I just wish Bella wasn't growing so fast so she could wear it longer.


Beach Day with The Pulsiphers

A couple of weekends ago we went down to San Diego and hung out with my in laws it was really fun. Robs brother came with his triplets and his sister and her 2 girls and his mom came. It was really good to see everyone. and for everyone to meet Bella. We went to the beach on Saturday for all of the kids to play.Bella's first day at the beach she sleep under a blanket the whole time it was kind of windy.

Mike, Aiden, and Maziey

Carter and Emma

Carter and Chase playing in the sand

Carter, Chase, Aiden, and Maziey all playing in the sad. They were so cute, it was so fun to see Mike and Amanda and the kids we love you guys.

the move

Well we just moved in to our new house and low and behold my wonderful son decided to paint our carpet and stairs with toothpaste. (by the way it really sucks to clean out of carpet)
What a little artist.

Well since we moved and the kids have their own rooms we got Carter a new bed, as you can tell he loves it.

Cars Cars Cars Cars